Welcome to is a small hobby project of mine and is meant to provide privacy-friendly alternatives to projects from Google, Microsoft, Apple, Cloudflare, etc. It basically started with me using software that could actually be operated by several people.

What you can expect from me and my projects:

  • Server security: I put a lot of emphasis on keeping the software on the server up to date and configuring firewall software like IP tables and ModSecurity.
  • Up-to-date software: Only by keeping the software up to date can security also be granted and new features are made available
  • Semi-professional support: Its a one-man-show, but I put a lot of emphasis on the fact that you can reach me in case of problems!
  • Reaction time: Unfortunately, I only know myself much too well what it means when the administrator or moderator does not react, so you can count on a reaction time of fewer than 48 hours with me. Mostly even faster!

To let you know that you wont be left alone with your problems with/on one of my services, I have set up a helpdesk system at, where you can submit tickets directly via the WebUI, or just send an email to .

You can also check the status page to see if I already know about a problem and am working on it or not.

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